In a series of 101 pancreas transplants from brain cadaver donors, serum amylase levels were determined preoperatively in 47 donors, and plasma glucose levels were monitored in 94 donors. Eighty-six percent of the donors died from head injury and 14% from asphyxia. No donors had a history of diabetes or pancreatitis, and the pancreas was grossly normal in all donors. Of the 47 cadaver pancreas donors in whom serum amylase levels were measured, the values of 20 donors were elevated (110–994 IU/L), and the values of 11 donors were >300 IU/L. In 51 of 94 braindead cadaver pancreas donors in whom plasma glucose determinations were made, hyperglycemia was present (200–980 mg/dl). Early posttransplant pancreas-graft function was excellent in all recipients except for 5 patients in whom the grafts had to be removed for reasons not related to donor serum amylase and plasma glucose levels. Hyperamylasemia and hyperglycemia are probably not contraindications for cadaver pancreas organ donation unless overt pancreatic trauma, pancreatitis, or a history of diabetes is present.

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