More than half of the deaths in the United States today are due to cardiovascular renal diseases, and chief among these is coronary heart disease. Among diabetics this complication is particularly common. Of 3,499 deaths among patients of the Joslin Clinic between Jan. I, 1944, and Apr. 27, 1951, 2,456, or 70.2 per cent, were considered by the attending physician to be due to arteriosclerotic cardiovascular-renal disease. Of the total deaths 1,627, or 46.5 Per cent, were ascribed to arteriosclerotic heart disease. Of 656 deaths during the period 1950 to 1952, 496, or 75.6 per cent, were due to arteriosclerotic cardiovascular-renal disease; 312 or 47.6 per cent, were of cardiac origin.

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