The effects of vitamin E and D-myo-inositol 1,2,6-trisphosphate (PP-56) were investigated in long-term studies in streptozocin-induced diabetic rats fed a purified diet with 33% lipids and a polyunsaturated- to -saturated fatty acid ratio of 1. A supplement of vitamin E decreased plasma triglycerides, platelet lipid biosynthesis, some of the ∆6- and ∆5-desaturase abnormalities, and urine ketone bodies but did not affect the response of platelets to aggregation. PP-56 completely normalized the platelet reactivity to ADP and thrombin. This was accompanied by normalization of platelet lipid biosynthesis and diabetes-induced abnormalities in ∆6- and ∆5-desaturases. PP-56 treatment also reduced the mortality rate and to a certain extent urinary ketone bodies. The protective effect of PP-56 on platelet aggregation and mortality rate were dose related. PP-56, a molecule derived from phytic acid, seems to exert potent protective effects on some of the manifestations associated with diabetes in rats.

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