With the advent of adequate replacement therapy for diabetes mellitus and the subsequent prolongation of life, degenerative vascular disease has become a problem of paramount importance. Unfortunately the study of degenerative vascular disease is complicated by its chronicity. The nodular glomerular lesions described by Kimmelstiel and Wilson in 1936 remain obscure in origin, but—if critical histologic criteria are met—represent a form of degenerative vascular disease seen only in patients with diabetes mellitus. The study of these lesions as well as of degenerative vascular disease in general would benefit greatly by the availability of an experimental method for the rapid production of diabetic glomerulosclerosis. In 1951 Rich et al reported that rabbits treated with cortisone for three weeks developed nodular glomerular lesions. Following this report we undertook the study of glomerular changes produced by the administration of various adrenal CQrtical steroids in the hope that we might produce typical diabetic glomerulosclerosis.

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