Ferreira LDMC-B, Pulawa LK, Jensen DR, Eckel RH: Overexpressing human lipoprotein lipase in mouse skeletal muscle is associated with insulin resistance. Diabetes 50:1064–1068, 2001

On page 1065 of the above article, the seventh sentence under the heading “Hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp” should read: “Insulin was infused at a constant rate of 24.4 μl/h, whereas glucose, at a concentration of 20% dextrose, was infused at a variable rate.”

On page 1066, the last sentence under the heading “Plasma metabolites” should read: “Unlike previous reports (6), however, no statistical differences were observed in plasma FFA between MCKhLPL and nontransgenic mice (Table 1), with levels of 728 ± 41 and 808 ± 56 μmol/l, respectively.”