Pancreatic AR42J cells possess both exocrine and neuroendocrine properties and convert to insulin-producing cells upon treatment with activin A and hepatocyte growth factor (HGF). We studied changes in the mRNA expression of various transcription factors during the course of differentiation. Among the transcription factors studied, expression levels of Pax4 and neurogenin3 changed significantly. These two factors were not detected in naive cells, whereas their mRNA levels were markedly increased after treatment with activin A and HGF. Thus, these two factors were induced by activin A. Transfection of Pax4 did not induce any changes in morphology or expression of pancreatic polypeptide (PP). Furthermore, introduction of antisense Pax4 did not affect the conversion into insulin-producing cells induced by activin A and HGF. In contrast, transfection of neurogenin3 induced morphological changes similar to those induced by activin A. In addition, transfection of neurogenin3 induced the expression of PP. Conversely, introduction of antisense neurogenin3 blocked the differentiation of AR42J cells induced by activin A and HGF. These results indicate that activin A regulates the expression of neurogenin3, which is critical for the differentiation of AR42J into endocrine cells.

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