Sakurai T, Yang B, Takata T, Yokono K: Synaptic adaptation to repeated hypoglycemia depends on the utilization of monocarboxylates in guinea pig hippocampal slices. Diabetes 51:430–438, 2002

The Publications Policy Committee of the American Diabetes Association was recently informed of unacknowledged similarities between this recent article in Diabetes and an article previously published in Journal of Neuroscience. The committee has examined the complaint and has asked the authors to apologize for the oversight and to issue the following erratum:

The authors would like to apologize for the omission of appropriate citations to the work of Izumi et al. (ref. 22: Izumi Y, Benz AM, Katsuki H, Zorumski CF: Endogenous monocarboxylates sustain hippocampal synaptic function and morphological integrity during energy deprivation. J Neurosci 17:9448–9457, 1997) and make the following modifications:

The legends of Figs. 3A, 4B, 5A, and 6A should include the statement “Modified from Izumi et al. (22).”

The first two sentences of the results section should read:

Similar to previously reported findings (11,14), reduction of extracellular glucose concentration induced a gradual decrease in synaptic transmission in the granular cell layer of guinea pig hippocampal slices (Fig. 1). Removal of glucose from the standard medium produced a complete decay of PS [population spike] within 30 min, with a 50% reduction in amplitude by 10.6 min.

The second paragraph in the first column on page 435 should end with the sentence “These findings agree with the previous report (22).”