Basu R, Breda E, Oberg AL, Powell CC, Dalla Man C, Basu A, Vittone JL, Klee GG, Arora P, Jensen MD, Toffolo G, Cobelli C, Rizza RA: Mechanisms of the age-associated deterioration in glucose tolerance: contribution of alterations in insulin secretion, action, and clearance. Diabetes 52:1738–1748, 2003

The authors of the above-listed article have requested the following corrections. They would like to apologize for any confusion that may have resulted.

  • Figs. 2–5: Time units are minutes.

  • Fig. 5A: SiMeal units should read 10−5 dl/kg/min per pmol/l. Fig 5B: units are correct. If expressed in the same units as SiMeal (10−5 dl/kg/min per pmol/l), SiIVGTT assumes the following values: SiIVGTT (young) = 16.82 10−5 dl/kg/min per pmol/l; SiIVGTT (elderly) = 10.17 10−5 dl/kg/min per pmol/l. (In any case, IVGTT values are lower than meal values.)

  • On p. 1742, left column, line 17, the factor 10−5 is missing before dl · kg−1 · min−1 per pmol/l.

  • On p. 1742, right column, line 10, correlation is r = 0.62 (as in Fig. 9).

  • In Fig. 9, both SiMEAL and SiIVGTT are expressed in 10−5 dl/kg/min per pmol/l (not shown).