Palmer JP, Fleming GA, Greenbaum CJ, Herold KC, Jansa LD, Kolb H, Lachin JM, Polonsky KS, Pozzilli P, Skyler JS, Steffes MW: C-peptide is the appropriate outcome measure for type 1 diabetes clinical trials to preserve β-cell function: report of an ADA workshop, 21–22 October 2001. Diabetes 53:250–264, 2004

The authors of the above-listed article have requested the following changes. In the paragraph beginning “Table 6 presents… ” (p. 260) and in the title and column heads of Table 6 (p. 261), the terms “GM” or “geometric mean” should be “mean.” Also, in the paragraph beginning “These values can… ” (p. 260), the following changes to the data have been made: 0.196 to 0.217, 0.294 to 0.325, 0.179 to 0.196, 0.258 to 0.281, 172 to 146, 86 to 73, and 192 to 162.