Madsen MM, Søndergaard HM, Bøttcher M, Buus NH, Schmitz O, Bøtker HE, Nielsen TT: Impact of type 2 diabetes on nitric oxide and adrenergic modulation of myocardial perfusion. Diabetes 56:468–475, 2007

There is an error in the first sentence of the last paragraph on p. 474. The sentence beginning “In conclusion, the present study…” should read “In conclusion, the present study demonstrates that adenosine-induced hyperemia seems not to be NO-dependent in type 2 diabetic patients without signs of ischemic heart disease and only to a minor extent in a matched, middle-aged control group.”

Fiorina P, Jurewicz M, Tanaka K, Behazin N, Augello A, Vergani A, von Andrian UH, Smith NR, Sayegh MH, Abdi R: Characterization of donor dendritic cells and enhancement of dendritic cell efflux with cc-Chemokine ligand 21: a novel strategy to prolong islet allograft survival. Diabetes 56:912–920, 2007

In the above-listed article, an author's name was misspelled. “Uli Von Adrian” should be “Ulrich H. von Andrian”. The correction has been made online, and the correct citation appears above.

Zhou H, Zhang T, Harmon JS, Bryan J, Robertson RP: Zinc, not insulin, regulates the rat α-cell response to hypoglycemia in vivo. Diabetes 56:1107–1112, 2007

In the above-listed article, there are errors in the units of measure. On page 1108, under study protocols, second paragraph: In all cases, “50 μ” should be “50 μl” and “mmol/l zinc” should be “μmol/l zinc”. In Figs. 2 and 5, ”mU/ml” insulin infusion should be “units/ml”. These changes affect the calculations in note added in proof on page 1110, which should be disregarded. In its place, we provide the following estimate: “Assuming that mouse blood volume is 24 cc, that 1% of blood flows through the pancreatic artery, that circulation time is 3 s, that total zinc is 10 μmol/l, and that free zinc is 1 nmol/l, then 4.8 pmol/min free zinc flows through the pancreas. We infused 4.5 μmol/l of non–protein bound ZnCl2 via the pancreatic artery at 50 μl/min. If all infused zinc ions remain free during the very brief time required to reach the α-cells, then the cells are exposed to 225 pmol/min or a 50-fold increase in free zinc concentration.”