Wang H, Knaub LA, Jensen DR, Jung DY, Hong E-G, Ko H-J, Coates AM, Goldberg IJ, de la Houssaye BA, Janssen RC, McCurdy CE, Rahman SM, Choi CS, Shulman GI, Kim JK, Friedman JE, Eckel RH. Skeletal muscle–specific deletion of lipoprotein lipase enhances insulin signaling in skeletal muscle but causes insulin resistance in liver and other tissues. Diabetes 2009;58:116–124

In the print version of the article listed above, the numbering of reference citations is incorrect. Although 35 references appear in the References section, only 34 are cited in the text of the article. Reference 1 was omitted following the first sentence in the Introduction, and every reference cited thereafter was altered by one number (for example, references 1 and 2 cited next in the text should be references 2 and 3, respectively, etc.). The online version reflects these changes.