Wadham C, Parker A, Wang L, Xia P. High glucose attenuates protein S-nitrosylation in endothelial cells: role of oxidative stress. Diabetes 2007;56:2715–2721

In the article listed above, a nonlinear error occurred during resizing and labelling of an image in the process of making Fig. 3. This error was unintentional and did not alter the interpretation of the data. The right panel of Fig. 3A shows the same results as the left panel with similar inhibitors and is referred to in the text as “data not shown.” Thus, this panel should be removed from the figure. The unintended inclusion of this panel did not alter the interpretation of the data. In addition, in the first (NG) line of Fig. 4C, the left-hand (phase) microscopic photograph was accidentally mixed up with other photographs. The true image and the mistaken image appear indistinguishable unless scrutinized closely, and the substitute does not in any way alter the interpretation of the data. That is, there is little, if any, nuclear NF-κB in cells cultured in normal glucose conditions. The corrected Figs. 3 and 4C appear below.