As reported by the authors of the above-listed article, Fig. 3B contains two corrections:

  • 1) The authors have inserted a vertical dividing line between lanes 2 and 3 in the APS strip to clarify that the APS images for GFP were reordered for presentation. Although the original data were obtained with the same gel, the bands were not located next to each other to avoid influence of strong bands on neighboring weak bands (GFP). The correct image appears below.

  • 2) Incorrect images for insulin receptor β (IR β) for GFP were originally published in Fig. 3B. Because the original data has been discarded, however, the authors were not able to correct the image with the original files. Instead, they have replaced the IR β bands with images derived from unpublished data obtained under almost the same experimental conditions and showing that APS wild-type (WT) or Y618F mutant (YF) in 3T3L1-G4myc-CARΔ1 adipocytes did not affect the IR β expressions. The vertical dividing lines indicate that the IR β strip shown below is assembled from the replacement images for GFP, WT, and YF. The authors apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.