BC Combo is a co-formulation of prandial insulin lispro (25%) and basal insulin glargine (75%) with a rapid “prandial“ insulin component and prolonged flat “basal“ component compared to LMx. In this study the effects of BC Combo on PPG vs. LMx and G+L were investigated. Thirty-nine T2DM subjects (mean±SD age 60.8±7.5 years and HbA1c 7.97±0.6%) were randomized to receive the three insulin combinations immediately before a standardized solid meal test (MMT, 20% protein 30% fat 50% carbohydrates) in a double-blind, double-dummy, cross-over design. The individual insulin dose was the same for each visit day (mean 0.62 U/kg). BC Combo demonstrated improved PPG compared to LMx (Figure, reduction ∆AUCBG,0-2h of 18%, p=0.0009) and G+L (reduction ∆AUCBG,0-2h of 10%, p=0.0450). The proportion of subjects experiencing documented symptomatic hypoglycemic events (plasma glucose <70 mg/mL) over 24h was numerically lower with BC Combo (15.8%) vs. LMx (32.4%) and G+L (21.6%). The total insulin PK profile of BC Combo showed a faster time to insulin peak and a lower exposure in the late prandial phase (2-6 h) than LMx and G+L.

In conclusion, BC Combo demonstrated superior PPG control in T2DM subjects with numerically fewer subjects experiencing symptomatic hypoglycemia compared to both LMx and separate G+L.


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