Insulin glargine (Glar) exerts its action primarily through a decrease in fasting plasma glucose (FPG), whereas dulaglutide (DU), a once-weekly GLP-1RA, targets both fasting and postprandial glucose (PPG). This post-hoc analysis of the AWARD-2 study assessed the efficacy of DU vs. Glar in patients with type 2 diabetes with different glycemic patterns at baseline determined by self-monitoring of blood glucose (fasting glucose [FG] vs. PPG). Patients were categorized into 4 groups based on combinations of low and high FG and PPG, with median baseline values of FG (151 mg/dL) and PPG (182 mg/dL) being used as threshold for low and high, respectively. Analyses were conducted using analysis of covariance. DU showed a statistically significantly greater reduction in A1c compared with Glar for all of the subgroups, except for low FG/high PPG, where the numerical difference was in favor of DU but did not reach statistical significance (Table). Total hypoglycemia was numerically lower for DU vs. Glar in all subgroups. DU showed efficacy on A1c reductions across different baseline glycemic patterns vs. Glar (with the exception of low FG/high PPG), indicating a clinical benefit of targeting both FG and PPG, irrespective of the baseline glycemic phenotype.


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