To develop a dual hormone artificial pancreas (DHAP) a liquid stable glucagon component is needed. Currently available glucagon products have limited stability after reconstitution and are therefore not suited for DHAP usage. Dasiglucagon is a novel liquid stable glucagon analog, which does not require mixing prior to use. In this randomized double-blind trial 17 patients with T1DM received four single subcutaneous doses (0.03, 0.08, 0.2 and 0.6 mg) of dasiglucagon (4 mg/ml) under hypoglycemic (plasma glucose (PG) 56-66 mg/dL) or euglycemic (PG 100 mg/dL) conditions. For comparison, identical doses of Lilly GlucagonTM (GLUCA) were investigated at euglycemia. In the euglycemic setting dasiglucagon showed rapid and dose-dependent PG-increases of mean 39, 56, 72 and 80 mg/dL at 30 minutes post-dosing (30, 49 and 71 mg/dl for GLUCA) (Figure). During hypoglycemia, dasiglucagon provided similar PG-increases of 24, 64, 87 and 94 mg/dL 30 minutes post dose and rapidly corrected PG levels to normoglycemia (PG ?70 mg/dL) with a median time of 14, 10, 6 and 6 minutes.

In conclusion, low doses of dasiglucagon rapidly and effectively increase PG from euglycemia and hypoglycemia in a titratable manner. Therefore, dasiglucagon should be a good candidate for use in dual-hormone closed-loop AP systems.Figure. Different Doses of Dasiglucagon and GLUCA, PG Levels (Mean ±SEM).

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