Adherence to insulin therapy is often suboptimal. Understanding patients’ perspectives on drug adherence is essential for identification of barriers to therapy. The IDMPS is a global observational survey on the management of people with type 1 (T1D) and type 2 (T2D) diabetes in the developing world. In 2016-2017, participants were enrolled from 24 countries in the Middle East, South Asia, Eurasia, and Africa.In people with T1D (N=2000), 14% (273/1955) discontinued insulin for 1 month (median), without physician indication. The main reasons given were impact on social life, cost, fear of hypoglycemia, and lack of support (Table 1).

In people with T2D (N=2595), insulin discontinuation for ≥2 months (median), without physician indication, was reported by 13.4% and 13.8% of people treated with insulin alone (n=642) or with an oral antihyperglycemic drug + insulin (n=1895), respectively. The most common reasons for discontinuation included impact on social life, fear of hypoglycemia, lack of support, and cost. The pattern of insulin (eg, a definitive or temporary stop, or missed injection(s)) was not documented.

People with T1D and T2D share similar concerns regarding therapy. This calls for a multi-pronged strategy including patient education and access to therapy to improve treatment adherence and optimize outcomes.


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