Many people with T2DM do not achieve HbA1c goals in clinical practice, owing in part to sub-optimal basal insulin titration. TAKE CONTROL, a 24-week, multicenter, randomized, open-label, parallel-group study, compared the efficacy and safety of a Gla-300 titration algorithm (fasting self-monitored plasma glucose >130 mg/dL, +3 U; <80 mg/dL, −3 U), when self-managed or led by physicians. Overall, improved glycemic control without increased hypoglycemia was seen with self-titration. Here, we report results stratified by prior insulin use. At baseline, mean HbA1c was higher in the insulin-naïve vs. prior-insulin group (Table). In both groups, self-titration and physician-led titration resulted in similar HbA1c reduction. For confirmed or severe hypoglycemia, there was no evidence of heterogeneity between titration approaches for both glycemic thresholds (≤70 mg/dL or <54 mg/dL). Glycemic goal achievement with Gla-300 using self-titration was similar to that reported for physician-led titration, regardless of prior insulin use, but with reduced or similar risk of hypoglycemia. Empowering people with T2DM to self-titrate their basal insulin effectively upon Gla-300 initiation, or after switching to Gla-300, can improve glycemic target achievement without increasing hypoglycemia.


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