Despite a variety of treatment options for type 2 diabetes (T2D), more than half of patients do not achieve glycemic control. In a post-hoc analysis of the DUAL I (oral antidiabetic drugs [OADs]), II, V and VII (basal insulin + OADs) trials, we evaluated patients with an A1C >9% at baseline to determine the impact of IDegLira on their glycemic control. Within each DUAL trial, baseline characteristics for patients with A1C >9% were similar for all treatment groups. In DUAL I, II and V, treatment with IDegLira resulted in greater reductions in A1C from baseline, vs. comparators of basal insulin or liraglutide, leading to lower A1C at end of trial (EOT). In DUAL VII, reduction in A1C from baseline and A1C at EOT were comparable for IDegLira and insulin glargine U100 (100 U/mL) + insulin aspart (≤4 times/day). At EOT, the composite endpoint of A1C <7% without hypoglycemia (DUAL I, II and V: unable to self-treat and/or plasma glucose [PG] <56 mg/dL; DUAL VII: unable to self-treat or PG <56 mg/dL with hypoglycemia symptoms) was achieved by a greater proportion of patients treated with IDegLira than with comparators.

In conclusion, even in patients with T2D with A1C >9%, IDegLira treatment achieved glycemic control with a high proportion of patients achieving A1C <7% and clinically important composite endpoints of A1C <7% without hypoglycemia and/or weight gain.


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