Residual hyperglycemia (glycated hemoglobin [HbA1c] over target despite fasting plasma glucose [FPG] at target) presents an obstacle in achieving glycemic control in T2D. GLP-1 receptor agonist (RA) therapy can target excessive postprandial glycemia (PPG) and thereby address residual hyperglycemia. This analysis investigated the effect of iGlarLixi, a fixed-ratio combination of insulin glargine (iGlar) U100 and the GLP-1 RA lixisenatide (Lixi), on the proportion of patients with T2D with discordant HbA1c/FPG (HbA1c ≥7% and FPG <140 mg/dL) in the LixiLan-L trial. Patients who had suboptimal glycemic control despite basal insulin ± oral antidiabetes drugs (OADs) stopped all OADs but metformin and, after 6 weeks of iGlar run-in, were randomized to iGlarLixi or iGlar for 30 weeks (N=736). At baseline (post-run-in), proportions with discordant HbA1c/FPG were similar in the two arms. After 12-week randomized treatment, proportions with discordant HbA1c/FPG were 32.1% (iGlarLixi) and 49.9% (iGlar; p<0.0001; Figure). After 30 weeks, the prevalence of discordant HbA1c/FPG was further reduced with iGlarLixi vs. iGlar (22.7% vs. 45.9%; p<0.0001).

In conclusion, iGlarLixi reduces the proportion of T2D patients with discordant HbA1c/FPG levels more than iGlar does, reflecting its capacity to address residual hyperglycemia by targeting both FPG and PPG.


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