ITCA 650 is an investigational titanium osmotic mini pump that is subdermally placed in the abdominal wall during a brief office procedure to continuously deliver exenatide over 3 and 6-month periods and has the potential to improve medication adherence because patients do not self-administer. In this 26 week, open-label phase 3b study, 136 patients with T2D receiving liraglutide (1.2 to 1.8 mg/d) and metformin (≥1000 mg/d) were randomized to either the standard ITCA 650 dose regimen used in phase 3 trials of 20 mcg/d for 13 weeks followed by a 60 mcg/d maintenance dose (for 13 weeks in this study) or starting directly with the maintenance dose of 60 mcg/d for 26 weeks. The last injection of liraglutide occurred 2 days prior to randomization. The primary endpoint compared the incidence of nausea (N) and vomiting (V) between the two dose regimens. Switching from liraglutide to either dose regimen of ITCA 650 had a similar incidence of transient mild to moderate N/V (Table). Of note, 3 sites, which recruited 25% of the study population, accounted for 47% and 68% of the total N/V seen in the study. 4 patients discontinued due to GI AEs. Glycemic control remained stable in both groups. At Week 26, significant weight reduction was observed in both groups (p<0.vs. baseline).

In conclusion, patients on stable liraglutide therapy can be switched to ITCA 650 60 mcg/d without the need for up-titration from a lower dose.


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