IMG-1 is a novel therapeutic compound for the treatment of diabetes. Ten-week-old diabetic ZDF rats were treated with IMG-1 either intravenously (IV) or per oral (PO) once a day and compared to no treatment over a thirty-five-day period. Weights and glucose levels were monitored twice a week. IMG-1 treated animals showed a marked decrease in BG levels within a week, (average BG levels of 179mg/dl for IMG-1 (IV) and 135mg/dl for PO). This finding was enduring for the entire 35-day period. Untreated controls had significantly elevated BG levels throughout the study, with average levels exceeding 400 mg/dl (481 mg/dl). Hemoglobin A1c (Hb1Ac) was measured at days 0 and 35. IMG-1 treated animals had significantly lower Hb1Ac (IV, 9.7%-> 7.4%) and PO (10.8% ->7.5%) while the untreated group maintained increased Hb1Ac levels (10.2%->12.3%). There was no significant difference in insulin levels between untreated and IMG-1 treated groups at any time point suggesting IMG-1 decreased insulin resistance. Glucagon levels were reduced in both IV and PO IMG-1 treated animals at days 15 (from 115pg/ml and 119pg/ml to 90pg/ml and 92pg/ml, respectively) and 35 (89pg/ml and 92pg/ml). Control animals had no significant difference in glucagon levels throughout the entire study. Based on these results, it appears that IMG-1 is able to normalize both blood sugar in ZDF animals and lower HbA1c and decrease glucagon levels without elevating insulin levels in these animals.


J.B. Pollett: Employee; Self; Imagine Pharma. N. Thai: Board Member; Self; Imagine Pharma.

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