Early treatment intensification in patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D) is often required to achieve glycaemic control. Patients with T2D from the UK Clinical Practice Research Datalink, aged ≥18 years, initiating dapagliflozin between Nov 2012 and Aug 2016 and with prior oral T2D therapy (N=3,774) were included in this study. The relationship between early (2nd line) vs. later (≥3rd line) use of dapagliflozin and changes from baseline in HbA1c (≥1.0% absolute reduction), weight (kg) (≥5.0% relative loss) and systolic BP (≥2 mmHg absolute reduction) after 6-12 months were assessed with logistic regression models. Early use of dapagliflozin occurred in 25.2% patients (951/3774) vs. later use in 74.8% (2823/3774). Patients with later use were older [mean: 60.1 (SD 10.3) vs. 55.7 (SD 10.5) years], more likely to be male (61.6% vs. 55.3%), had T2D for longer [median 8.1 vs. 4.0 years] and higher CVD prevalence (13.9% vs. 11.2%). Patients with early and later use of dapagliflozin had similar baseline mean HbA1c levels [9.3% (SD 1.5) vs. 9.2% (SD 1.7)] and BP [134.2 (SD 14.2) vs. 135.0 (SD 14.6) mmHg]. Late users had lower BMI [mean 33.6 (SD 6.3) vs. 36.5 (SD 6.8) kg/m2] than early users. Early dapagliflozin users experienced mean (S.E) reductions of 1.6 (0.07)%, 3.8 (0.25)% and 3.0 (0.82) mmHg in HbA1c, weight and BP, respectively, vs. 1.0 (0.04)%, 4.6 (0.21)% and 3.1 (0.43) mmHg in later users. Compared to later dapagliflozin use, early initiation was associated with a greater likelihood of adjusted HbA1c reduction ≥1% (OR: 1.68, 95% CI: 1.15-2.45). Weight and BP reductions were observed with similar likelihood among early and late users (weight OR: 0.79, 95% CI: 0.54-1.14; BP OR: 0.87, 95% CI: 0.58-1.30).

In conclusion, glycaemic benefits of dapagliflozin were greater in patients receiving it earlier in their treatment pathway. Weight and BP reductions were achieved with similar likelihood among early and later users.


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