Objective: People with diabetes gradually require increasing dose of medications to achieve good control. We studied the glycemic response of adding Teneligliptin (Teneli) in T2DM subjects with high HbA1c despite being on stable doses of Met and Glim dose.

Methods:In this retrospective study T2DM subjects, who were on fixed doses of Met 1000 to 2000mg and Glim 1 to 6mg daily for 3 months were considered. Subjects with an HbA1c between 8-11% and who were prescribed Teneli 20mg OD for at least 6 months, were shortlisted. Those taking insulin or antidiabetic drugs other than Glim+Met or those whose dose was up-titrated during the study period were excluded. We compared HbA1c, fasting (FPG), postprandrial (PPG) plasma glucose, total cholesterol (TC), triglyceride (TG), HDL, LDL, systolic (SBP) and diastolic (DBP) blood pressure at baseline and after 6months of Teneli initiation.

Results: Data of 562 subjects (229, 41% females), who met the inclusion criteria were extracted for analysis from the hospital records. Mean age of the sample was 52.6 (95% CI: 51.7-53.4) years and duration of diabetes was 7.8 (6.6-8.3) years. Addition of Teneli resulted in a drop in HbA1c from 9.6% (8.2-10.6) to 8.8% (7.1-9.4) (p<0.05). FPG decreased from 158.8 (154.3-163.2) to 127.8 (124.5-131.1) and PPG from 236.4 (230.7-242.0) to 191.0 (186.0-196.0) respectively (p <0.05). Teneli also improved lipid parameters significantly, particularly TC and TG. With Tenali, SBP declined from 136.8 (134.8-137.9) to 129.5 (128.1-130.9) and DBP from 83.1 (82.2-83.9) to 81.0 (80.2-81.9). There was no incidence of severe hypoglycemia, though 18 (3.2%) cases of suspected hypoglycemia were managed at home.

Conclusion: Adding Teneli to Met and Glim combination showed promising role in improving glycemic parameters, lipid components and blood pressure. Low hypoglycemia risk makes the drug a suitable add-on option for those with high HbA1c values.


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