Factors related to recurrent DKA in pediatric patients with DM have been studied previously, with family history (FHx) of DM suggested as a protective factor. We sought to determine associations with DKA recurrence in our pediatric population as the first step in developing an intervention to reduce the frequency of DKA recurrence. In a retrospective chart review, we identified 270 patients admitted for DKA at our institution during a 5 year period. We excluded patients with new onset DM or missing data, identifying 255 DKA admissions amongst 131 patients. Patients were divided into a Recurrence group (≥ 2 admissions, n=51 (39%)) and Non-Recurrence group (1 admission). FHx was significantly associated with Recurrence in both univariate (OR 6.96, p-value <0.0001) and multivariate (OR 8.32, p-value < 0.001) logistic regression analyses. Older age was also significantly associated with Recurrence in both analyses. Younger age at diagnosis and public insurance was only significant in the multivariate and univariate analysis, respectively (Table 1). Family history of DM is associated with increased risk of DKA recurrence in our pediatric patients. Larger, multicenter studies are needed to study the relationship between FHx of DM and frequency of DKA admissions. At our center, this data may be used to identify patients at risk, and develop an intervention targeting all household members with DM.


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