Postprandial dietary fatty acid (FA) biodistribution is impaired in subjects with glucose intolerance, with decreased FA storage in adipose tissues (AT) and increased FA uptake by the myocardium. These abnormalities are improved after 1 year of lifestyle-induced weight loss. Bariatric surgery leads to early metabolic improvements before weight loss, but the early effects on dietary FA metabolism and biodistribution have never been studied. 9 subjects with T2D underwent a 6-hour postprandial metabolic protocol before and 12 days after SG. A liquid meal containing [U-13C]-palmitate and [2H]-glucose was ingested at time 0, with an IV perfusion of [3H]-glucose and [7,7,8,8-2H]-palmitate, allowing quantification of glucose absorption, endogenous glucose production (EGP), lipolysis and dietary FA spillover. A capsule containing a positron-emitting long-chain FA analog (18FTHA) was taken with the meal for the quantification of organ-specific dietary FA uptake using PET/CT (n=6). Twelve days after SG, whole body and hepatic insulin sensitivity increased significantly whereas fasting and postprandial EGP decreased. Postprandial GLP-1, GIP, PYY and glucagon were higher after vs. before SG. Postprandial AUC of FFA (175 vs. 228 mmol/Lx min; p< 0.05) and total FA oxidation were higher (p< 0.02 from 180 min to 360 min), but dietary FA oxidation was reduced after SG (p< 0.002 from 180 min to 360 min). After SG, uptake of dietary FA 6 hours after the meal was reduced in the myocardium (mean SUV 2.07± 0.66 vs. 1.36± 0.44; p=0.06) and was increased in visceral AT (mean SUV 0.24± 0.2 vs. 0.42± 0.2; p=0.03), without changes in other organs.

In conclusion, there is reduced myocardial and increased visceral AT uptake of dietary FA associated with reduced dietary FA oxidation and increased FFA mobilization and oxidation, concomitant with reduced EGP and insulin sensitization in patients with T2D early after SG.


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