Current practice guidelines recommend considering a diagnosis of MODY in patients with a strong family history but without typical features of type 2 diabetes (T2D) (i.e., obesity, insulin resistance, high-risk ethnicity) or type 1 diabetes (T1D) (i.e., islet autoantibodies).

We aimed to test if these criteria apply to a racially diverse pediatric patient population.

Using EPIC Population Health, we retrospectively reviewed electronic medical records (IRB H-41512) of youth diagnosed with MODY between 2013-2017 in a large academic pediatric hospital in Southwestern U.S.

We found that, out of 46 patients with MODY, 50% (n=23) had MODY 2, 17.3% (n=8) MODY 3, 17.3% (n=8) MODY 5, 8.6% (n=4) MODY 1, 2.1% (n=1) MODY 4, and 8.6% of patients had a clinical diagnosis of MODY due to inability to perform molecular testing. The mean (SD, range) age of diabetes diagnosis was 10.1 years (4.4, 2-17); 52% of patients were females; 50% were non-Hispanic white, 32.5% Hispanic, 6.5% African American, 6.6% Lebanese, 2.2% Asian and 2.2% others/unknown. Notably, 15.2% (n=7, all with a molecular diagnosis of MODY) had positive islet antibodies, 8.6% (n=4) Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and 2.1% (n=1) vitiligo. Obesity/overweight was present in 23.8%, 15.2% had hypertension / prehypertension and 21.7% had dyslipidemia. Diabetes was absent in parents and siblings of 26% (n=12) of patients, although in 5 patients, the mother had gestational diabetes. Persistent microalbuminuria was found in 2 youth with MODY 2 and diabetic neuropathy in 1 patient with MODY 2. The mean (SD, range) time between the diagnoses of diabetes and MODY was 14.3 months (22.3, 1-120).

In conclusion, youth with MODY often were of ethnic minorities, lacked a family history of diabetes and had characteristics typical of T1D or T2D, suggesting that the current guidelines to consider a diagnosis of MODY may not apply to a racially diverse U.S. pediatric population. Furthermore, in contrast to previous studies, we identified microvascular complications in youth with MODY 2.


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