Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), ranging from simple steatosis to its more severe form, steatohepatitis (NASH), is an increasingly common problem in patients with T2DM and is associated with progression to cirrhosis and extrahepatic complications (i.e., cardiovascular disease [CVD]). There is limited information on the clinical profile of T2DM patients with NASH in “real world” practice. Accordingly, we studied the clinical profile of participants (pts) with NASH, with or without T2DM (nonDM), enrolled in TARGET-NASH, a large longitudinal observational study of patients with NAFLD followed at 54 sites (39 academic/15 community) across the U.S. Data collected from medical records (including lab data, imaging, pathology, procedures, and outcomes) is sent to a central database utilizing novel data abstraction technology. Among 1743 pts studied to date in TARGET-NASH, 1261 had NASH diagnosed by biopsy or clinical criteria (699 T2DM and 562 nonDM). Pts with T2DM and NASH were older (median 61 vs. 56 years) and had a higher BMI than nonDM (34.0 vs. 32.0 kg/m2, both p<0.01). The prevalence rates of hypertension (68 vs. 41%), dyslipidemia (42 vs. 25%), CVD (26 vs. 17%) all p <0.001, and cancer (17 vs. 12% p=0.015), were higher in T2DM compared to nonDM. Median ALT in T2DM was lower than nonDM (33 vs. 38 U/L, p<0.001). Among pts with a liver biopsy, advanced fibrosis was seen in 55% of T2DM vs. 35% nonDM, including 38 vs. 19% with cirrhosis, respectively (both p<0.001). Among pts with a biopsy and NAFLD Activity Score total, more T2DM had severe steatohepatitis than nonDM (38 vs. 23% p<0.01). In this large cohort of NASH pts managed in standard clinical practice, pts with T2DM had substantially different clinical profiles compared to nonDM. ALT, only modestly elevated in most pts with NASH, is not a reliable marker for NASH. Diagnosis requires reliance on clinical features and additional testing. Further investigation of independent risk factors and long-term outcomes is ongoing.


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