Background and Purpose: We previously revealed that systemic Irs1 deficient mice showed growth retardation, indicating that Irs1 plays an important role in growth. Irs1 is main substrate of not only insulin receptor (IR) but also IGF-1 receptor (IGF-1R) tyrosine kinase. Recently, brain specific IGF-1 receptor knockout mice were reported to become growth impairment. We hypothesized that brain Irs1 may regulate growth via IGF-1.

Methods: We generated NIrs1KO mice and analyzed growth related parameter and immunohistochemistry (IHC) study.

Result: The body weight of NIrs1KO mice was significantly smaller than control mice. NIrs1KO mice also showed shorter body length and bone length. On the other hand food intake and gene expression of appetite-related neuropeptides (POMC, AgRP and NPY) were not different between two groups. We next confirmed that plasma IGF-1 and growth hormone (GH) levels of NIrs1KO mice were lower than control mice. Hypothalamic GHRH mRNA expression levels of NIrs1KO mice were also lower than those of control mice although hypothalamic somatostatin mRNA expression was not different between two groups. These data strongly suggest that lack of brain Irs1 causes growth retardation via GHRH. IHC study indicated that Irs1 colocalized with GHRH neuron in hypothalamus. We next investigated the IGF-1-induced proliferation in hypothalamic neural cells by using siIrs1. Downregulation of Irs1 significantly inhibited IGF-1-induced neural cell proliferation.

Conclusion: Our results suggest that IGF-1-Irs1 pathway promotes the proliferation of GHRH neurons and regulate growth.


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