Individuals with pancreatic insufficient cystic fibrosis (PI-CF) and glucose intolerance demonstrate impaired incretin and insulin secretion. The goal of this study was to assess β-cell responsiveness to the incretin hormones glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) and glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide (GIP) during glucose potentiated arginine (GPA) testing in adults with PI-CF and abnormal glucose tolerance. Participants were randomized to receive either GLP-1 (n=15) or GIP (n=15) and then underwent GPA testing during either incretin or placebo infusion in a randomized, cross-over fashion. OGTT was similar between groups (1hr: 214±8 vs. 208±7 mg/dL; 2hr: 141±18 vs. 150±18 mg/dL). During GPL-1 infusion, fasting glucose was lower after 30 min vs. placebo (p<0.001), and during the 230 mg/dL glucose clamp the glucose infusion rate (GIR) was higher (p<0.001). Second phase insulin levels were substantially increased prior to arginine administration under 230 mg/dL clamp conditions vs. placebo (p<0.001), but no difference in the acute insulin response (AIR) to GPA was present. At 230 mg/dL, proinsulin and C-peptide were increased under GLP-1 vs. placebo (both p<0.001), but the proinsulin secretory ratio (PISR) was unchanged. During GIP infusion, fasting glucose was slightly lower after 30 min vs. placebo (p<0.05), but no difference in the GIR required to achieve 230 mg/dL was found. Second phase insulin levels were not different during the 230 mg/dL glucose clamp. The AIR to GPA was lower during GIP vs. placebo (p<0.01). Second phase proinsulin and C-peptide levels were higher with GIP vs. placebo (both p<0.01) with an increased PISR (p<0.05). These results indicate that GLP-1 augments glucose-dependent insulin secretion while GIP may lead to disproportionate proinsulin secretion in glucose intolerant PI-CF. Further studies should determine whether GLP-1 may provide a therapeutic benefit in this population.


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