Intramyocellular lipid (IMCL) is generally associated with insulin resistance and lipotoxicity. However, the “athlete’s paradox” is well documented, where IMCL levels are similar between athletes and patients with type 2 diabetes despite discrepant levels of insulin sensitivity. Differences in muscle lipid metabolites between aerobically trained, lean, insulin-sensitive (LT) vs. sedentary, overweight/obese, insulin-resistant (OIR) individuals remain insufficiently characterized and may help to explain the “athlete’s paradox.” LT [n=14: 50% females, 28.5±1.6 years (Mean±SE)] and OIR [n=24: 79% females, 29.8±1.6 years] subjects each provided 2 muscle biopsies from the vastus lateralis (bilateral, 6 hours apart, ≥48 hours after last exercise, ≥8 fasting, overnight admission prior to biopsy) for mass spectrometry analysis. At a separate visit, insulin sensitivity was quantified by a hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamp (mg glucose/kg FFM/min). As the sequential biopsy results were not significantly different, the results were averaged for each subject. Compared with the OIR group, the LT group had lower BMI (22.3±0.5 vs. 36.2±1.2 kg/m2:p<0.01), higher fitness (VO2max:53.4±2.2 vs. 26.7±1.1 ml/kg/min: p<0.01), and higher insulin sensitivity (M-value: 17.1±0.7 vs. 8±0.5, p<0.01). Muscle triglycerides in the LT group were lower (nmol/mg muscle) in oleic acid (3.2±0.6 vs. 6.0±1.0, p=0.02) and palmitic acid (1.5±0.2 vs. 3.1±0.5, p<0.01) than the OIR group. Diacylglycerol (DAG) and palmitoylcarnitine concentrations were not significantly different. Only in the OIR group, palmitoylcarnitine correlated with the following: oleic acid (r=0.73, p<0.01), palmitic acid (r=0.73, p<0.01) and DAG (dipalmitate:r=0.53, p=0.03, palmitate+oleate: r=0.51, p=0.04). These findings suggest that either incomplete muscle lipid oxidation or increased acylcarnitine generation is present in the OIR group, thus warranting further research on training effects on muscle lipid turnover.


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