Metabolic syndrome (MetS) in Pakistan affects 18-46% individuals. Over nutrition and sedentary behavior acts as a trigger, yet in many instances normal weight individuals may develop MetS. Adipokine Chemerin modulates glucose and lipid homeostasis. Furthermore remodeling of adipocyte extracellular matrix is affected by proteolytic enzymes and their endogenous regulators known as Tissue inhibitor of metallo-proteinases (TIMPs). Therefore, this study was designed to identify the circulating levels of TIMP2, Chemerin and its polymorphism in metabolically healthy and unhealthy subjects and relate with fatty liver changes. We recruited MetS positive (n=92) vs. negative (n=208) adults diagnosed on the basis of National Cholesterol Education Program Adult Control Panel III criteria. Serum Chemerin, Leptin and TIMP2 levels were measured by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay, lipid profile, blood glucose and insulin were performed by automation. Body fat percentage was measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis. Fatty liver was detected by ultra-sonographic scans. Chemerin rs171736polymorphism was determined by tetra arm polymerase chain reaction. Higher Chemerin and TIMP2 level were observed in MetS positive vs. MetS negative (37.87± 13.60 vs. 24.03 ± 12.32 ng/ml);(199.83 ±12.26 vs. 32.57 ± 2.36 pg/ml) individuals. However, no difference was seen for Leptin level (19.95 ± 13.46; 22.24±12.51ng/ml) in our study. Chemerin and TIMP2 correlated positively with the body fat percent and MetS (p<0.05). Thirty eight (41.3%) MetS positive while seventy seven (37.01%) MetS negative subjects were diagnosed with fatty liver disease and 17.9% subjects were classified as metabolically unhealthy normal weight individuals. The variant rs171736showed association with MetS phenotype (OR 1.841 [1.101-3.078]; p=0.020). Presence of this minor ’G’ allele was seen to increase the risk of developing MetS by 1.567 (p<0.012).


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