We explorde the evidence for contemporary role of sitagliptin and evaluate for the non-glycemic effects of sitagliptin, through analysing the quantity and quality of the published evidences through the highest level of evidences ie: Randomised Controlled Clinical Trials (RCCTs). We searched Cochrane Library, pubmed- MEDLINE, IndMED databases to conduct a systematic review of published Randomised Controlled Clinical Trials (RCCTs) evaluating the contemporary role of sitaglitin for the non-glycemic effects. Only the trials with the comparator arms were included, studies evaluating glycemic effects of sitaglitin were excluded by appropriate Boolean operators. Only the RCCTs with healthy subjects and nondiabetics were included. Graph pad prism 7.0 version software and t-test was utilised for statistical analysis. 295 clinical trials published in last 10 years (20to 2017) were screened which yielded eight RCCTs, of which six met inclusion criteria, were compared for study design, patient characteristics, geography, impact factor of journals, intervention, duration and outcomes by using the appropriate statistical methods. Cumulatively, 269 patients (mean 45 patients, SD ± 64, SEM ± 26, minimum 6 patients, maximum 174 patients, 95% CI -23 to 112, p=0.147) have been evaluated across 6 RCCTs. Duration of RCCTs varies from 1 day to 1 year (n=2). Based on the impact factor of journals (mean 3.5, min 1.5, max 5.5, SD ± 1.4, SEM ± 0.59, 95% CI 2 to 5.1; p=0.0019), we formulated an indexed weightage score (mean 100, min 43.34, max 156.4, SD ± 40.9, SEM ± 16.7, 95% CI 57.to 142.9). Sitagliptin has systemic and adipose anti-inflammatory effects in cART-treated HIV+ adults with impaired glucose tolerance, improvement in the left and right ventricular ejection fraction changes from baseline to 6 months of follow-up is evident. Sitagliptin is useful in varied clinical conditions with non-glycemic effects which needs validation across global multicentric trials.


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