In-home use of the MiniMed™ 670G system with SmartGuard™ technology for 3 months improved A1C, 24-hour, and overnight (10PM-7AM) glycemia in T1D patients ≥14 years.1 Recently, the system was shown to improve A1C and time in target range (TIR) (>70-180mg/dL, 3.9-10mmol/L) during 24-h and overnight periods in T1D children aged 7-13 years. Effect of the system on insulin delivery and early morning glycemia was also examined. During a 2 week run-in phase in Manual Mode and a 3-month study phase using HCL Auto Mode; 24-hour, 10PM-7AM, and 3AM-7AM insulin delivery (programmed hourly basal rates during Manual Mode, variable basal from 0 units to an individualized daily maximum every 5min during Auto Mode); time in sensor glucose (SG) ranges; and SG SD were examined in 1T1D children (mean±SD age 10.8±1.8 years). The table shows Auto Mode use across periods. Total insulin delivered increased from baseline run-in (1990 patient-days) through study phase (10,602 patient-days); SG, TIR, and SG SD improved. During the study phase, there was no severe hypoglycemia, DKA, or serious device-related AEs. The ability of the MiniMed™ 670G system to automate basal insulin delivery and safely improve 24-hour and overnight glycemic control in children was comparable to that observed in patients 14-75 years, over 3 months. Improved early morning glycemia further indicates that patients ≥7 years can benefit from this HCL therapy.


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