Introduction: Partial lipodystrophy (PL) is a rare disease associated with insulin resistance and metabolic dysfunctions, including NAFLD. Global prevalence of NAFLD is ±25%. In PL patients NAFDL prevalence and severity remains unclear. AIMS To evaluate the presence of hepatic steatosis and/or fibrosis in PL patients using transient elastography (TE) in comparison to a control group.

Materials and Methods: Fifteen patients (7 with PL of the limbs, 8 with Familiar Partial Lipodystrophy Dunnigan-type) and 15 (13 women) controls paired to BMI and age were included. We recruited participants aged 18-65 years-old and a BMI≥25 and ≤35kg/m², excluding other causes of steatohepatitis. Anthropometric measures, metabolic parameters and the presence of steatosis/fibrosis using TE(Fibroscan®) were evaluated. According to literature, the adopted cut-off values in TE for Controlled Attenuation Parameter (CAP) and Liver Stiffness Measurement (LSM) are ≥238dB/m and ≥5,8kPa, respectively. Student t-test was used for continuous variables. Main results are presented as Mean ± SD.

Results: Mean age was 52.93 and 50.26 years-old in PL and control groups, respectively. BMI was slightly but not significantly higher in control group (30,13kg/m² [SD±2,85] vs. 27,43kg/m² [SD±5,30]). Waist-to-hip ratio did not differ. PL group had higher fasting plasma glucose (116.78mg/dL [SD±39,54] vs. 89,58mg/dL [SD±23,34], p= 0,0476). No differences in hepatic lesion biomarkers or lipid profile was noted, except for a lower HDL-c in PL group (40,64mg/dL [SD±9,45] vs. 49,62mg/dL [SD±12,67], p=0,0432). CAP tended to be higher in PL patients [301,82dB/m (SD±54,88) vs. 262,93dB/m (SD±57,44); p=0,0685] and LSM was significantly higher (7,32kPa [SD±3,71] vs. 4,94kPa [SD±1,58], p=0,0260).

Conclusions: Patients with PL presented a trend for increased hepatic steatosis and showed higher values of fibrosis in TE. Therefore, we suggest PL patients should undergo TE for screening of NAFLD.


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