Angiopoetin like protein family is composed of eight members that are involved in regulating various metabolic processes. ANGPTL5 is one of the members of this family that is mainly expressed in the heart and was showed to stimulate the expansion of human cord blood hematopoietic stem cell ex-vivo. This study was designed to investigate the expression level of this protein in the plasma of obese and diabetic people.

Methods: A total of 204 people were enrolled in this study including 109 nondiabetic and 95 type 2 diabetics. The nondiabetic people included 70 non-obese (BMI<30 Kg/m2) and 39 obese people (BMI<30 Kg/m2), while the diabetic people included 34 non-obese and 61 obese people. ANGPTL5 plasma level was measured by ELISA.

Results: In this study we showed that ANGPTL5 level was increased in the plasma of diabetic people (5.78±2.59 ng/mL) compared to nondiabetics (4.42 ± 2.32 ng/mL) (p-Value<0.0001). Obese nondiabetics had a significantly higher level of ANGPTL5 (5.12±2.23 ng/mL) compared to non-obese people (4.02 ± 2.27 ng/mL) (p-Value=0.029). Obese diabetic had higher level of ANGPTL5 compared non-obese yet did not reach significance (p-Value=0.064). ANGPTL5 was significantly associated with glycated haemoglobin 1C and insulin resistance as measured by HOMA-IR.

Conclusion: Our data shows for the first time that ANGPTL5 was increased in diabetic and obese people. Given its unique tissue expression in the heart, ANGPTL5 might modulate its response to insulin resistance through its interaction with other proteins including other ANGPTL proteins. Further analysis will be required to better understand the interaction between ANGPTL5 and other metabolic related biomarkers to shed more light on its role in diabetes and obesity.


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