Post-prandial hyperglycemia is difficult to control due to lack of an ideal prandial insulin. TI (Afrezza®) has the most rapid onset of action, lasts for 2 hours.

Sixty patients with T1D on multiple daily injections (MDI) were randomized in a multi-center study, stratified by baseline A1c values (<8.5% or ≥ 8.5%) to the control group using aspart (n=34) vs. TI group (n=26). The TI arm was advised to take extra inhalations at 1 and 2 hours after meals based on PPBG. Baseline characteristics were similar (Figure 1a). Forced Expiratory Volume did not differ at all times. We used intent-to-treat analysis, and examined outcomes over a 4-week period using linear regression with repeated measures.

Mean CGM glucose, SD, time in range (70-180 mg/dL), % time in hyper- (>180 mg/dL) or hypoglycemia (<70, <60, or <50 mg/dL) were similar in both groups. PPBG at 1 hour was lower in the TI group (mean ± SE PPBG difference -31.7±6.6 mg/dL, p<0.0001). PPBG was numerically lower at 2 hours (mean ± SE PPBG -13.0±7.1 mg/dL, p=0.07) with no difference at 3 and 4 hours (Figure 1b). The TI group increased bolus insulin dose (mean ± SD of 47.8 ± 23.9 U/day) compared to the control group (23.0 ± 9.8 U/day; p<0.0001) in week 1. Bolus insulin dose in the TI group was higher (28.2 U/day; p<0.0001), and did not differ by study week (p=0.25).

We conclude that TI improves PPBG when treat-to-target algorithms are used in patients with T1D on MDI.


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