VIVID is the first prospective randomized controlled trial evaluating CSII (using an investigational Omnipod U-500™ Insulin Management System) vs. MDI (TID) with U-500R (Humulin® R U-500). This was a 26-week, open-label, multicenter, parallel study in adults with T2D on high dose insulin (201-600 units/day) with or without other antihyperglycemic agents (NCT02561078). We present results for the all randomized population (N=420); results for the primary population (excluding participants on concomitant GLP-1 RAs or SGLT2 inhibitors) are reported separately. Baseline characteristics were similar between arms. Without adjusting for multiplicity, CSII demonstrated significantly greater reduction in A1C and FPG at a lower total daily dose vs. MDI at 26 weeks. Also, a higher percentage of participants on CSII reached A1C targets <7.0%, <7.5%, and <8.0%. Severe hypoglycemia rates were low. Other hypoglycemia rates were similar (documented symptomatic) or higher (nocturnal) for CSII vs. MDI. Weight gain was similar (Table). In the all randomized population, U-500R via CSII demonstrated greater efficacy at a lower dose with a higher nocturnal hypoglycemia rate vs. MDI. CSII with U-500R may be a viable option for patients with T2D on high dose insulin. Individualized dose titration will be important for safely achieving glycemic targets.

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