During pregnancy, women with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2) needs specific dietary care to improve glycemic control and improve pregnancy outcomes. The recent updated researches points to dietary assessment and prescription based on glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) as possible strategies for achieving these goals. This study evaluated the GI and GL of the diet consumed by pregnant women with DM2. It is a quantitative-descriptive study, carried out in a diabetes treatment and care reference center in Brazil, with 20 DM2 pregnant women, randomly selected and interviewed during the outpatient routine visits follow-up. Dietary data were obtained in two 24-hour food recall (one weekday and one on weekend), one of that was collected by phone. These data were taken at home measurements and converted into grams/milliliters for subsequent determination of the GI and GL of the diets (protocol: FAO/WHO,1998) and classified according to Brand-Miller; Foster-Powell and Colagiuri (2003) and Burani (2006). Statistical analysis used the program S.P.S.S version 17, with the chi-square statistical test (p <0.05). The diet of the pregnant women had a low GI (46.27 ± 7.18) and a low GL (64.15 ± 22.79). There was a positive relationship between schooling and GI, and the pregnant DM2 with a lower level of education consumed a moderate GI diet. Few studies have evaluated GI and GL in pregnancy and there are no studies with DM2 pregnant women. Similar studies point to the benefits of low GI and GL diets for glycemic control during gestation to decreased maternal-fetal comorbidities. The study population’s diet had adequate GI and CG, which promotes glycemic control and reduce adverse outcomes. However, it is suggested that larger dietary assessments be performed to further deepen the relationship between diet, metabolic control and pregnancy outcomes of woman with DM2.


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