Background and Aims: Metabolic disorders can present ophthalmologic changes. Congenital Generalized Lipodystrophy (CGL) is characterized by severe metabolic manifestations such as insulin resistance, diabetes and hypertriglyceridemia, but there are few data published about ophthalmologic findings in this condition. The purpose of this study is to describe ocular abnormalities in patients with CGL.

Materials and Methods: It was a cross sectional study with 15 patients with CGL of both sex, aged between 2 and 29 years old. We evaluated the symptoms of surface eye disease and visual acuity. In the slit lamp, were evaluated the anterior segment of the eye, the break up time of the tear film with fluorescein and the corneal findings. Under mydriasis, the eye fundus examination was performed.

Results: All subjects had dyslipidemia: 15/15 (100%) hypertriglyceridemia; 15/15 (100%) low HDL-c; 4/15 (26,7%) and high levels of LDL-c. Diabetes was presented in 7/15 (46,7%) cases. Symptoms of surface eye disease (blurred vision, pruritus, hyperemia or dry eye sensation) were presented in 9/15 (60%) patients and 8/15 (53%) had refractive errors: 5/8 (62,5%) astigmatism, 2/8 (25%) myopia and 1/8 (13%) myopia and astigmatism. In the slit lamp, 12/15 (80%) presented anterior blepharitis (seborrheic or meibomite), 13/15 (87%) decrease in the break up time of the tear (less than 8 seconds) and 5/15 (33,3%) keratitis. In the fundoscopy, 2/15 (13,3%) presented retinopathy (one with nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy and another presented proliferative diabetic retinopathy).

Conclusion: These findings demonstrate high frequency of blepharites and its complications in patients with CGL, even in young subjects without diabetes. These data allow us to speculate that the presence of abnormalities in the anterior segment of the eye may be a marker of metabolic disorders as dyslipidemia and insulin resistance.


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