Aim: To investigate the dental visit status of DM patients who needed to treatment of periodontitis screened by Perioscreen test in the medical and dental clinic cooperation at community base.

Material and Method: The study population was DM patient undergone perio dontal screening tests by diabetologist . In total, 100 subjects (65 male and 35 female) were selected. The dental visit status of DM patients with positive results was investigated according to correspondence between the medical and dental information including intraoral clinical examination: number of remaining teeth, maximum value of the periodontal pocket and percent of bleeding on probing, and type of periodontal treatment.

Result: 57 patients were positive for Perioscreen test. Among the patients with positive results, 34 patients (59.6%) visited one of three partnership dental offices and all received periodontal treatment. 26 patients (45.6%) were finished their periodontal treatment within 6 months. For the patients who finished dental treatment, parameters of periodontal diseases were improved.

Conclusion: About 60% DM patients who regularly attend the medical clinic were positive for periodontitis by Perioscreen test. Among them, about 60% patients attended for dental clinic by the recommendation by family doctor. These results may provide the basic information to medical and dental clinic cooperation and community medical care networks.


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