Patients with high average of blood glucose levels (above 180mg/dL) are at high risk for developing clinical complications. Digital engagement is playing a pivotal role in the care of patients with diabetes, assisting to enhance their compliance. The Dario Blood Glucose Monitoring System (BGMS) connects physically to a smart mobile device and automatically logs blood glucose measurements into designated App. The data captured on the App is transmitted to the Dario cloud. The study is looking at high risk patients’ data over one year of Dario use.

Methods: An exploratory data analysis study reviewed a population of high risk active type 2 diabetic users with initial 30 days glucose average above 180 mg/dL during a full calendar year. The study assessed the average blood glucose readings along a year of usage. The average of glucose readings was calculated per user in periods of in 30 days intervals from 30-60 to 330-360 days and compared to the first 30 days as the starting point baseline of analysis.

Results: Overall of 238 highly engaged T2D users (more than one daily measurement in average) whose average blood glucose level was above 180mg/dL in the first 30 days of measurements (225±45 mg/dL) showed continuous reduction in glucose level average vs. baseline. Reduction in blood glucose average level was demonstrated gradually, in the succeeding 3, 6 and 12 months showing average decrease of 7%, 11% and 14% vs. baseline, respectively. Furthermore, 76% of the entire population (180 out of 238 users) improved their average blood glucose level over a year. Those 180 users (average blood glucose 228±46) showed an average decrease of 10%, 16% and 24% in their glucose average following 3, 6 and 12 months, respectively.

Conclusions: The use of a digital smartphone-based blood glucose monitoring system in high risk patients has the potential to promote behavioral modification and enhanced adherence to diabetes blood glucose levels management in T2D patients.


Y. Hershcovitz: Employee; Self; DarioHealth. S. Dar: Employee; Self; DarioHealth. E. Feniger: Employee; Self; DarioHealth.

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