Objective: To assess the effectiveness of mobile health application TangTangQuan (TTQ) in management of type 1 diabetes (T1D) in China.

Methods: TTQ is designed to provide diabetes self-management education (DSME) for patients with T1D.The innovation of TTQ is to break the isolation of individual T1D patients by socializing their self-management data, and let them find the “patients like me.” TTQ included four major modules: personal diabetes diary, games for DSME, peer support communities and online education courses. Patients recorded and uploaded their diabetes diary via TTQ, and peer patients or family members were able to make comments, or share their own experiences, or interact with the up loaders under the posts. Free download and registration of TTQ was available in major APP stores for mobiles in China since September 2015. The self-report demographic and clinical data were collected through TQQ.

Results: During September 2015 and December 2017, a total of 7641 patients (M/F, 3716/3925) aged 21.28±14.43 years, with duration of T1D 2.50 (1.00,6.90) years, have signed up and joined the management of TTQ, from 21 provinces in China. Fifty two percent were 18 to 45 years old and 41% were less than 18 years old. Twenty four percent of them were active in peer support communities including sharing their experiences in management of T1D. Among 2903 patients with duration of diabetes ≥1 year who have used TTQ for ≥1 year,435 have continuous record for 1 year of self-meter blood glucose (SMBG) at least 4 times per day in TTQ. Among these patients, SMBG frequency was 2.43/week(1.40,13.13) and 2.88/week(0.63,11.92) (P=0.967), HbA1c was 6.59±1.40% and 6.40±1.39%(P=0.002), the frequency of hypoglycemia was 6.75/week (4.00,11.50) and 6.25/week (2.75,9.67) (P=0.005) before and after one year use of TTQ, respectively.

Conclusions: TTQ has the potential to be a novel intervention for engaging T1D patients and their families in positive communication to support DSME.


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