Background: Insurers in South Asia are challenged by lack of a culturally relevant and clinically effective lifestyle intervention that can be delivered at scale. This study reports results from participants of a real-world pilot using Wellthy Diabetes™ (WD), a digital therapeutic for people living with type 2 diabetes, in collaboration with an insurance provider with the aim to validate WD as a diabetes management and risk reduction tool. WD was developed in scientific collaboration with the Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI).

Methods:A 16-week lifestyle modification program was delivered to persons with T2DM through an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered smartphone app. The program included behavioral modification training based on structured DSME content, developed along AADE7™ guidelines. The WD app enables users to self-report data on blood glucose, weight, meals, and physical activity and encourages logging through personalized reminders and nudges using an AI-powered digital persuasion model. Participants received real-time feedback and coaching through an AI-powered chatbot and personalized coaching from an expert diabetes coach. A1c measures were conducted at the start and end of the program. This study presents results from 102 program completers who completed follow-up A1c.

Results: The mean pre and post-intervention A1c for 102 program completers (mean age: 50.8 years and 68% males) were 8.51% (95% CI:8.23-8.79) and 8.02% (95% CI: 7.72-8.32), respectively, showing a mean post-intervention reduction of -0.49% A1c (95% CI:-0.73 - -0.25, p=0.01). Sixty percent (n=61) of participants reduced their A1c by the end of the program with a mean reduction of -1.17% A1c (95% CI: 0.75-1.60).

Conclusion: This study demonstrates Wellthy Diabetes as a clinically effective intervention for Health and Life Insurers in South Asia to improve health outcomes and reduce risk for people with type 2 diabetes through improved glycemic control.


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