Aim: To evaluate the quality and meaningful interactions of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) with health coach through Apollo Sugar App and its effects on clinical outcomes.

Methods: Apollo Sugar Clinics is a pan-India chain of state of art, integrated care network of diabetes specialty clinics. The current analysis includes digital data of health interactions captured through a novel, unique and well-designed Apollo Sugar App. of great utility value. These live health interactions were between Sugar health coaches and 10,000 patients with T2DM, registered at Apollo Sugar Clinics who downloaded the Apollo Sugar App from Google Play store for the last 6 months. Meaningful health interactions with health coach were identified in 317 patients which were categorized into medication, diet, exercise, and self-monitoring blood glucose (SMBG). Descriptive statistics was applied to analyze the data, to assess clinical outcomes.

Results: A total of 10800 health interactions were captured, of which 2000 quality interactions were categorized as meaningful interactions. Among these interactions 29% on diet, 21% on exercise, 19% on medication change, 4% on insulin dose, 2% on hypoglycemia and 25% on meaningful use of SMBG data. SMBG was performed >2times/week by 65% of study population. Pre-meal and post-meal SMBG target were achieved in 35% and 24% of patients, respectively. 28% achieved control reductions in <2 weeks and no hypoglycemic episodes occurred in any of the patients. There was a considerable reduction in mean HbA1c (-0.7%), fasting plasma glucose (-41.5mg/dL) and post-prandial glucose (-100.7mg/dL) at 3 months follow-up.

Conclusions: The current analysis indicates that patient interactions with health coach through an Apollo Sugar app is a modern improved method of behavioral and clinical care, to achieve long term continuity of care for change in outcome of hard end points.


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