Short term follow-up studies indicate that use of Flash glucose monitoring (FGM) improves metabolic control in people with type 1 diabetes. Whether this effect persists is unknown.

The aim of this study was to evaluate long-term effects on HbA1c and treatment satisfaction in people with type 1 diabetes after introduction of FGM in a university hospital diabetes clinic. Treatment satisfaction was measured using DTSQs questionnaires at the one year follow-up. Of the first 334 patients who were introduced to FGM 80.5% were still users after 2 years, 8.7% changed to a CGM-system, 6.6% stopped due to skin reactions, 3.4% did not want to continue and 1.3% had died. Baseline HbA1c among continuers were 71.8±16.6 mmol/mol (8.7%). Compared to baseline, HbA1c was -8.3±9.8 mmol/mol after 1 year and 9.0±11.8 mmol/mol lower after 2 years. Self-estimated treatment satisfaction after 1 year was 2.44±0.74 (+3 to -3) and rating for continued FGM use was 2.87±0.33. Unacceptable high blood glucose was less often present (-0.6) as were unacceptable low blood glucose levels (-0.3).

Conclusions: Use of FGM adds clinical significant advantage to individuals with 1 diabetes in terms of HbA1c reduction and improved self-estimated treatment satisfaction also in a 2-year perspective.


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