Background and Aims: Artificial pancreas combines continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) with insulin pump by using a control algorithm to direct insulin delivery. Although several control algorithms have been developed, the control algorithms are beyond reach of most of diabetic patients in need. The Open Artificial Pancreas System project (openAPS) is an open control algorithm for artificial pancreas, which is available worldwide in type 1 diabetes (T1D). Here, we present several interesting clinical experiences using openAPS.

Materials and Methods: Twenty T1D patients using openAPS, CGM (Dexcom G4®), and insulin pump (Sooil, Dana R®) were studied. Normal glycemic range was set as 80∼180 mg/dl.

Results: Mean age was 11.9 ± 6.9 years and 10 patients were male. Median openAPS duration was 180 (30-240) days. By the use of openAPS, CGM analysis showed significant decrease in A1C (6.8 ± 1.0% to 6.3 ± 0.7%, p<0.001), increase in percent time in normal glycemic range (70.1 ± 16.4% to 83.3 ± 10.1%, p<0.001), decrease in percent time in high glycemic range (24.7 ± 16.5% to 13.3 ± 9.4%, p<0.001), and decrease in percent time in low glycemic range (5.1 ± 3.3% to 3.4 ± 2.3%, p= 0.004), respectively. There was no significant side effect due to using openAPS.

Conclusion: Open artificial pancreas system reduced hypoglycemia and improved glycemic control in patients with T1D.


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