Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) therapy is routinely used in diabetes management for patients expecting to use their insulin pumps during hospitalizations. For hospital personnel, this is unfamiliar and complex technology, which necessitates implementing policies and guidelines for standardizing CSII use in the inpatient setting. This study aims to examine adherence to an institutional CSII policy and safety glucometrics for hospitalized patients using CSII. We performed an IRB-exempt retrospective review of CSII user records from January to June 2017. Policy adherence was evaluated for appropriate provider and nurse order set use and documentation in the electronic medical record. 81 patients with 111 admissions on CSII were evaluated. Mean age was 42±16.9 years, 62% were female and 82.7% had type 1 diabetes. Median LOS was 5 days for 788 total patient days, HgbA1c 8.3 ± 1.78, and baseline admission blood glucose (BG) was 175 mg/dL. CSII was continued in 62% of admissions with 12.6% discontinuing use due to medical and surgical contraindications. Overall adherence to the policy was high with documented endocrinology consultations in 100%, provider specified basal rates in 96%, specified bolus doses in 92%, specified correction doses in 83%, specified target BG in 90%, and nurse documented verified doses on the MAR in 93%. Nurse documentation of CSII in the Lines/Drains/Airways flowsheets was 16%. Hypoglycemia (BG<70mg/dL), severe hypoglycemia (BG<40 mg/dL), and uncontrolled hyperglycemia (BG>299mg/dL) were present in 10%, 0.8%, and 10.5% of patient days, respectively. Rates of DKA in CSII users was 0.9%. Policy adherence was effectively achieved for CSII use in hospitals. Rates of hypoglycemia and uncontrolled hyperglycemia were high with very low incidence of severe hypoglycemia or DKA episodes. These results suggest that CSII is possible to safely continue in hospitalized patients, but future studies are necessary to determine how to modify pump rates and optimize glycemic control.


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