Fiasp® (insulin aspart, Novo Nordisk) is a faster-acting injectable insulin formulation that is administered subcutaneously (SC) for blood glucose management. We hypothesized that intradermal (ID) administration could improve the pharmacokinetic profile of Fiasp® when compared to traditional SC injection.

Herein, we describe a simple, scalable and cost-effective hollow microneedle platform to evaluate the effects of ID administration on Fiasp® pharmacokinetics. Three groups of 8 rats received 1 IU/kg by SC injection or by ID injection using either a single or quadruple microneedle projection design. Blood was collected from 5-240 mins post-injection and assayed for insulin (ELISA, Crystal Chem) and blood glucose (hand-held glucometer) concentrations.

The results (below) show that plasma insulin levels were comparable for all groups with mean values ranging from 464 to 480 µU/mL. Yet, the peak plasma concentrations were 1.5-3-fold earlier for rats treated using the microneedle designs. This preliminary data suggests that ID injection of Fiasp® using these novel hollow microneedle designs results in faster absorption and thereby could lead to a more rapid onset of action.


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