A retrospective analysis was conducted to determine if duration of diabetes impacted clinical outcomes when switching from insulin pens/syringes to a wearable insulin delivery device (V-Go) in patients inadequately controlled. Patients (N=186) with T2D were stratified based on known duration of diabetes. A1C and insulin total daily dose (TDD) were extracted at baseline and two follow-up visits for each stratum. Paired t-tests were used to compare changes in A1C and TDD and a one-factor repeated measures ANCOVA model was performed to test for differences between groups with duration of diabetes as the factor and the corresponding baseline measurement as the covariate. Seventy-two percent of patients switched to V-Go had been diagnosed with diabetes for ≥ 10 years and 58% were switched to V-Go from conventional basal-bolus therapy. Clinical outcomes on V-Go were evaluated after a mean of 3 and 7 months. Regardless of duration of diabetes strata, significant reductions in A1C from baseline were observed. Further, all strata benefited from reductions in TDD with the exception of the duration stratum with the lowest baseline TDD (15 to 20 years), which maintained similar dosing on V-Go compared to baseline. By 7 months, no between group differences were observed for changes in A1C or TDD when controlling for baseline measurements. Insulin delivery with V-Go proved clinically beneficial regardless of duration of diabetes.


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